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Муравьи рода Myrmoteras Индо-Китая
Revision of the ant genus Myrmoteras of the Indo-Chiese Peninsula (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Formicinae) 


Zootaxa (2013) 3666 (4): 544–558 (4 Jun. 2013)


Ревизованы длинночелюстные крупноглазые  виды муравьёв рода Myrmoteras Индо-китайской фауны.  Авторы обнаружили 1 вид подрода Myagroteras и 6 видов подрода  Myrmoteras из Вьетнама, Мьянмы (Бирмы) и Таиланда. Описаны 5 новых для науки вида по рабочей касте: M. concolor, M. jaitrongi, M. namphuong, M. opalinum и M. tomimasai, все из подрода Myrmoteras.


Муравьи рода Myrmoteras Forel, 1893 это одна из формициновых групп с наиболее необычной внешностью. They have an oddly-shaped head, huge eyes and extraordinarily long mandibles opening wider than has been observed for any other ant (Moffett, 1985). In the course of our ant diversity studies in Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, Myrmoteras are infrequently encountered and considered rare (Bui, 2000, 2002; Eguchi et al., 2003; Yamane et al., 2002, 2005). On the other hand, in some places like the Sang Le Forest Ecosystem of Pu Mat National Park, Nghe An, Vietnam (a forest dominated by Lagerstroemia tomentosa Presl.), colonies are often aggregated in certain small areas.

Род Myrmoteras выделяют в трибу Myrmoteratini Emery, 1895 (Bolton, 2003). Its geographical range is the Oriental region and the Austro-Malayan subregion of the Australian region (Moffett, 1985; Xu, 1998; Agosti, 1992; Zettel & Sorger, 2011). Creighton (1930) revised the genus for the first time, listing six species including two new species. Moffett (1985) recognised a total of 18 species including 10 new species in two morphologically distinct 
subgenera: Myrmoteras with seven species and the new subgenus Myagroteras with eleven species. Later Agosti (1992) revised the species in the Malay archipelago including the Malay peninsula south of the Kra isthmus, the Philippines, New Guinea, the Islands of New Britain and New Ireland, and added 13 new species. Xu (1998) described one new species from Yunnan province, southwestern China, and recently Zettel & Sorger (2011) revised the Philippine taxa, adding 2 new species, and gave a list of 34 valid species names from the whole range of the genus.

Мирмекофауна Индо-Китайского полуострова  плохо изучена (Bui & Eguchi 2003, Yamane et al. 2003, Eguchi et al. 2005). In the present paper the genus Myrmoteras in this region is reviewed, based on newly obtained material from Vietnam and Thailand. We propose five new species and present a key to the species from this region.

List of the Indo-Chinese species

Подрод Myagroteras Moffett, 1985
Myrmoteras cuneonodum Xu, 1998. S. China, Vietnam, Thailand.
Подрод Myrmoteras Forel, 1893.
Myrmoteras binghamii Forel, 1893. Myanmar, Thailand.
Myrmoteras concolor sp. nov. Thailand.
Myrmoteras jaitrongi sp. nov. S. Thailand, W. Malaysia.
Myrmoteras namphuong sp. nov. Vietnam.
Myrmoteras opalinum sp. nov. S. Thailand.
Myrmoteras tomimasai sp. nov. Vietnam, N. Thailand.


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